Wellness (treatment procedures)

Not too far from our pension (about 100m) is hotel Marttel, which offers wellness programme and tretment procedures. Thermal pool (hotel Thermal) is about 3 minutes of walk away from Dalia.


The oldest golf club in the Czech Republic (from 1903) - Golf Resort - is 5km from our pension. The golf club participates on the significant Europeans Cups – for example ME women, MME women, ME MID amateurs or ME seniors.

Krušné hory (mountains)

Boží Dar, Klínovec - 1200m above the sea. Skiing possible in winter. 25 minutes by car from our pension.

Medieval towns

You can visit very interesting towns with castles near our pension. Small town Loket (10km) and another town Becov (22km) where is the second biggest treasure of our country.


The small international airport Karlovy Vary is 7km from our town. The airport offers some sigthseeing flights there air-taxi service as well.